Square or round, it’s all about your preference

Design distinctive luminaires with the new DAISY-7X1-SHD3, featuring round openings.


The LEDiL Dark Light family, DAISY, has continuously grown during the last five years. Its success is explained by exceptional eye comfort and captivating aesthetics – desirable features in office, retail, and hospitality lighting designs. DAISY is offered in linear, square, single, and even curved configurations, each featuring square shaded openings within the shade. We are now thrilled to unveil the latest trend in Dark Light – DAISY-7X1-SHD3 with round openings, boasting a fresh look, and making your luminaire stand out, all while keeping glare low, and ensuring comfort for your eyes.



The mechanical difference between the original DAISY-7X1-SHD and the new DAISY-7X1-SHD3 may be subtle, but the visual impact is truly remarkable. Ultimately, it’s all about your personal preference. In the picture below, we have placed the original DAISY shade and the new DAISY shade side by side for comparison.



And that’s not all. If you’re seeking even more variety, we can share a secret with you: we may introduce additional colours. If there’s a specific one you want, please don’t hesitate to let us know.