Sports outdoor lighting

Introduction to sports outdoor lighting

There is a huge variety in the size, standard and location of sporting venues and stadiums around the world. Venues may be indoor or outdoor, small or large, in rural or urban locations and either single or multi-discipline, but they all have a need for their own lighting requirements. Stadiums especially, can be unique pieces of architecture, with a need for specific lighting to showcase or enhance the building itself. Venue owners, players, spectators, television broadcasters and their audiences have different needs, and therefore lighting solutions must be flexible so that events can be played and enjoyed by all stakeholders.

Irrespective of whether the sports venue area is large or small, participants always need good lighting in all seasons and conditions. Thanks to their enhanced efficiency LEDs can lead to huge savings in energy consumption for venue owners. Due to their small size and high-performance LEDs also provide more freedom in fixture design and have become an attractive solution for bigger stadium and sports field lighting. Maintenance has traditionally been expensive, time consuming and very difficult, but thanks to LEDs longer lifetime these costs can be reduced significantly.