New beams and products – May 2024


Design distinctive luminaires with the new DAISY-7X1-SHD3, featuring round openings.

Our Dark Light family, DAISY, known for exceptional eye comfort and captivating aesthetics, has been continuously expanding. It comes in linear, square, single, and even curved configurations, each with square shaded openings. We are excited to introduce the latest trend in Dark Light: DAISY-7X1-SHD3, featuring round openings. This new design offers a fresh look, making your luminaire stand out while maintaining low glare and ensuring eye comfort.

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Colour mixing lens with a new smooth spot beam.

The GABRIELLA family, known for its RGB and tunable white colour mixing, now features a new smooth spot beam. The GABRIELLA-45-SS lens delivers excellent colour mixing with a tight spot beam that has a smooth and clean cutoff, making it perfect for applications such as wall grazing.

The optic comes with a black holder, available with or without tape, featuring positioning pins in both the holder and lens components to ensure easy and precise assembly.