FILIPPA – New LED lens for StVZO compatible bicycle lighting

What is StVZO?

StVZO is a German regulation that sets the requirements for bicycle lighting and is designed to maximise visibility and safety for both the rider and other road users. It is widely recognised as a rigorous and comprehensive standard and is used as a benchmark by many bicycle lighting manufacturers.


LEDiL’s FILIPPA-STVZO is a new led optic especially designed to meet StVZO standard requirements. The lens provides clear visibility with a wide asymmetric beam and crisp cutoff to avoid causing glare for other drivers.

Just 33 mm in diameter and optimised for Osram Black Flat (2-chip) and Lumileds Luxeon Altilon LED packages FILIPPA-STVZO delivers a high and tight lumen output from a compact size. (Mechanically compatible with up to 3535 LED packages, but the results may vary).

The lens can be installed in the luminaire body using its flange. More technical information can be found in the documents on our product page and from LEDiL sales personnel around the world.