VIOLET-12X1 gets oval light distribution

LEDiL’s VIOLET optics stand out as the first standard silicone optic specifically designed for UV-C applications.


This new oval beam has exceptional vertical control. In comparison to round-shaped symmetrical beams, this will, for example, help limit UV-C radiance to ceiling level in upper-air disinfection, improve energy use in horticultural lighting, and potentially decrease the amount of luminaires needed for your projects.


The special silicone, designed for high UV-transmittance, stainless steel frames, and continuously evolving UV-C LED technology, enables new and more efficient ways for chemical-free disinfection of air, surfaces, and water. In agriculture, VIOLET can utilise the whole spectrum of both visible and invisible light to enhance plant growth and yield, and prevent plant diseases and insect infestation.

Below you can find examples of how to use VIOLET-12X1-O in upper-air disinfection and horticultural lighting. If you would like to evaluate the performance in your application please contact our technical support.

For samples, orders and more information about the products please contact our sales.