STRADA-IP-24 – ME & SCL, making the most versatile even more versatile

Refined and re-defined standard for outdoor lighting

LEDiL’s STRADA-IP-24 enables true scalability that can lead to exceptional energy efficiency, or extreme lumen output. Designed to offer world class solutions for industrial, street & area, and sport lighting. It is an ingress protected platform designed to be used with flat 5050 size LED packages and now offers a total of 13 different light distributions.

STRADA-IP-24-polars_SCL STRADA-IP-24-polars_ME

SCL: Type II/III (long) beam for very wide pole to pole distances. Ideal for pedestrian paths and residential roads. EN13201 P-classes.

ME: Beam with excellent longitudinal luminance uniformity fulfilling EN13201 M-class requirements where road width is equal to or less than the pole height.


Following on from the legacy of our IP-2X6, the IP-24 maintains its industry standard dimensions and installation features, while enhancing performance and bringing in new LEDs.

The design offers a chance to simplify luminaire inventory by reducing the need for different fixture sizes. With less lenses, components, drivers and everything else, choosing the IP-24 can bring additional savings in the bill of materials, manufacturing, and logistics.

Read more to learn about “efficiency mode” and “performance mode” and what it means in practise to all parties involved; not just luminaire manufacturers and those paying the bills, but also for CO2 emissions.

STRADA-IP-24 – Real value for luminaire designers and end-users

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