Perfect LED lighting uniformity for machine vision


In today’s rapidly advancing technological landscape, machine vision has become an increasingly critical tool for businesses across a wide range of industries.

From manufacturing and logistics to various industries, including retail and more, machine vision solutions are relied upon to ensure that operations run smoothly, efficiently, and accurately. And at the heart of any effective machine vision system lies precision.

LEDiL machine vision illuminating optics provide beam patters to match any field of vision

High-quality components such as camera, lens and LED lighting are a great foundation but perfecting lighting to enable uniform illumination of a subject takes the solution to the next level. This is where illuminating optics come into play; by providing precise and uniform illumination from the LED source across the field of view.

Seeing beyond the visible

In the intricate world of machine vision, exploring the electromagnetic spectrum reveals a treasure trove of possibilities. By embracing the distinct properties of Ultraviolet (UV), Infrared (IR), and Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR), we unlock new dimensions of precision, efficiency, and insight in machine vision technology. To fully harness their potential, specialised optics are required, and LEDiL provides precisely that.

Using machine vision illuminating optics in reverse vending machine

Illuminating optics for perfect uniformity

LEDiL optics are a reliable and efficient way to ensure that all components of a machine vision system work together seamlessly. Our infinite portfolio of optics offers a solution for any machine vision application, from manufacturing and logistics to retail and beyond. Regardless of the viewing angle or type of machine vision application, LEDiL illuminating optics can ensure that the light distribution is always optimal. With LEDiL optics, you can rest assured that your machine vision system is operating at peak efficiency, providing reliable and accurate results with every use.

Illuminating LED optics for