Are you on the bright or dark side of office life?

Exploring the differences and benefits of LEDiL’s Bright and Dark Light solutions.


There is no doubt that good lighting has a significant impact on wellbeing, productivity, and creativity. Since many of us spend approximately one-third of our lives sitting at a desk, the environment must be enjoyable and comfortable. At LEDiL, we recognised the need for functional, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing office lighting a long time ago, and we addressed it with our Dark Light optics, such as DAISY and FLORENTINA. In such optics, the light source is invisible from almost any angle, reducing glare. However, there is also a need for compact yet powerful, beautiful, and efficient Bright Light solutions that minimise glare and reduce dark cave and multi-shadow effects. Read more to learn about Dark and Bright Light.


Bright or Dark Light – what is the difference?


Office lighting can be classified into two types: Bright Light solutions, such as microprismatic extrusions, and Dark Light solutions, such as luminaires with shades and louvres. Dark Light solutions are great for premium office lighting with a nearly invisible light source that creates a comfortable environment. They also have a unique character making them suitable for certain architectural purposes. However, Bright Light solutions are often preferred due to their visible optical surfaces that provide comfortable lighting from any angle. Typically, individuals select one type of office lighting over the other based on personal preference and the aesthetic appeal of the lighting solution.

Traditionally, Bright Light solutions have needed to be large and bulky to achieve a low glare level (UGR ≤19) and acceptable surface brightness while maintaining sufficient light output. At LEDiL, we have developed a solution that prioritises aesthetics, size, surface uniformity, and low UGR rating without compromising on light output and efficiency. Our innovative Bright Light solution, BRIANNA, provides optimal office lighting for a variety of settings.



Bright and Dark Light solutions evaluated from different viewing angles


We compared the performance of Bright Light and Dark Light solutions from various viewing angles using BRIANNA and DAISY, both with and without shades. Watch the video to observe the differences from different viewing angles.


Over dark limit (from angles above 60 degrees): no light was visible from either the Dark Light solution or the Bright Light solution with a shade. However, a low level of comfortable brightness was visible from the Bright Light solution without a shade.

Inside the potential glare angle (+-37 degrees): Both Bright Light solutions were visible while the Dark Light solution emitted very little light. Although BRIANNA’s light emitting surface was visible, it is designed to maintain a comfortable level of glare.

Inside the beam: When viewed from just below the three optics, and looking upwards, all three solutions became more glary. However, BRIANNA remained more comfortable for the eyes because the same amount of light is emitted from a larger surface area compared to the Dark Light solution.


All solutions were able to provide the required UGR ≤19 for office lighting. While the Dark Light solution remained nearly invisible in most potential wide glare angles, BRIANNA remained visible but at a comfortable level of brightness, even when looking up.


Dark and Bright Light solutions have their place in office lighting and can even coexist in the same luminaire body.


BRIANNA and DAISY have the same pitch and can share the same PCB interface. They can even be used in the same luminaire body, as demonstrated in the office lighting setups with surface mounted and pendant luminaires shown below.


While DAISY offers a nearly invisible light source, BRIANNA provides a beautiful, uniform surface. It ultimately comes down to personal preference whether you prefer Bright or Dark Light in your workspace.


Are you on the bright or dark side of office life?


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